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We are a team of business-minded, forward thinking, efficient and analytical people. We have all the capabilities needed to improve and accelerate your medical billing & revenue cycle management process, so you can achieve higher productivity, faster payments, decreased costs, and improved patient service

Accelerate your Medical Billing & Revenue Cycle Management

Whether you are a single health care provider or a group practice, we can help you achieve advance business performance with our medical billing revenue cycle management service

Take control with:

• Measuring quality outcomes

• Work flow acceleration

• Proactive Revenue Cycle Management

Improve your business, get paid quickly and work with a trusted partner. As your Revenue Cycle Management company, our experienced and dedicated staff will focus their time on important matters, such as your billing, collecting full payment on all submitted claims, increasing payment on underpaid claims, capturing revenue from un-submtted claims and following up on secondary claims.

We provide less than 48-hour turnaround from the receipt of data to claims submission for both large and small accounts.

Each team member has substantial experience in analyzing Explanations of Benefits (EOB’s) and claims, and take the necessary actions to recover the due amount.

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1. Charge Posting

Patient Demographics and Medical codes applied to charts are appropriately verified. Every claim is verified to check: DOS, POS, Provider Info, Units, Modifiers, CPT code, Facility billed from, Referring Doctor in order to reduce the chance of claim rejection. Your fee schedule is taken into consideration and bills are raised accordingly

2. Payment Posting

• Payment Posting is also evolving with ERAs (Electronic Remittance Advice) from payers, our billers support ERA posting by also verifying the payments posted.

• Their specialty lies in working on the most advanced electronic remittance scenarios, including denials, underpayments, overpayments, multiple adjustments, automatic cross-over, secondary remittance, reversals, and more.

• Before Our Biller closes the payment posting, they match patient payments accepted in the front-office to encounters entered in the back-office

• The step wise assessment of Medical Billing is what makes our billers the specialist for your practice.

* Effective Payment Processing

• Quicker collection of payments

• Prompt remittance of payments to the accounts

3.Denail Management and Appeals

*Efficient Claims Management*

• Managing the underpaid claims

• Management of denied claims

• Re-submission of denied or underpaid claims

• Management of appeals made on denied claims

4. Monthly Statement

*Efficient Claims Management*

• Quick dispatch of patient bills

• Reminder calls and email to patients on outstanding bills

• Quick insurance collections

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