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We, at Pronto Billing are more than just a medical billing service firm. Our cutting edge practice management system assists you in automating all your medical practice tasks that you have been handling manually. Our comprehensive software simplifies all the tasks involved in practice management as well as the billing process, be it scheduling an appointment, enhancing the quality of the service offered or remittance of the bill amount after the completion of patient visit.

With our state of the art Practice Management software

• Streamline the operations of your facility

• Improve the accuracy of your claims

• Receive the reimbursements well within the stipulated time The user-friendly design and innumerable features of our Practice Management software, get better control of your practice and transform it into an efficient and well organized facility.

- Eligibility and Benefits verification

Referral and Authorisation Management

Faxes and Medical records

Pre charting the medical records

Patient scheduling and Appointment calls

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